Promised parent land

imageThe waiting list for adopting in her home town was not an option for single women. Minnie was told that too many couples wanted babies so there was a long waiting list. Inter-racial adoptions were discouraged. At that time, a single woman with savings could adopt one child from several countries overseas, with stipulations. For many countries the size of one’s bank balance was key, for one country one had to be a certain weight. Age was always a significant factor. The rule was generally over 40, the older the prospective adopted child should be, as in the youngest a couple aged of 41 could adopt would be a 1 year-old; for 45 year-olds the youngest they could adopt would be a 5 year-old, and so forth.

Surely, it could not be that hard to find a partner? Minnie marshalled some mates and went trawling for prospective companions. To her delight, after a few false starts, she met a suitable candidate: similar age, single, employed, funny, attractive, good conversation…surely he was too good to be true? Her friends on the other side of the bar that evening, gave their subtle thumbs up. Minnie felt a renewed surge of optimism. Fate had just rewarded her, surely…The end of the evening, what now? “Would you like to meet up again? This has been great,” Mr Potential smiled. Minnie beamed back at him, grateful he was moving slowly and showing respect for her. She still felt a little fragile after the failed relationship with Dad of three.   She was midway through writing down her phone number for Mr Potential when he continued, sotto voce, “We could meet once a month and you could (verb) my (noun)?” And there it was…bubble? Burst.

The next morning, after her friends had finally stopped laughing, Minnie re-examined her bank account. Not a stunning number of zeros (in fact, barely one). She looked at her weight. Enough for two whole adults by that particular country’s emaciated ideals. She knew! She would go overseas and adopt a child there then return, plus one.   A friend offered to look after all her baby clothes, books and toys until she needed them.  Minnie found a fabulous new home for her dog, sold up, and flew off.


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